Subdued, Italian Brand distributed by Osit Impresa spa, for fashion victims with particular attention to details



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Working in Subdued means something different from being just a serial number on a badge. It's being part of a big family, where you can express your real self at best through work and cooperation.



Like so many gears in a machine, the various company departments work in a perfect synergy to ensure a stimulating work environment and excellent results. A big chain that involves all sectors, from the administrative office to that of Style and Production, for then continue with the Sales, Marketing and Communication, Human Resources and Cool Hunting, Warehouse and Logistics, up to the stores that represent our most important realities.
The company currently has about 500 employees, 64 stores in Italy and Europe and is structured in three fundamental headquarters: Pomezia, Rome, Milan.



The Stores are the soul of Subdued. Trendy environments with attention to every detail thanks to our Visual Merchandisers. Key player of our stores is the product. We offer fashionable and original garments with a unique style. Sale Advisors and Sale Assistants work every day in close contact with customers, and in synergy with the Store Manager, to keep an open dialogue and mantain Subdued's Spirit alive, in order to advise and satisfy our customers' needs at the best. If you love to share your love for fashion, you are inclined to teamwork, dynamic and positive, you will find a stimulating and professional environment in our stores.

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Within our Logistics department, the warehouse workers and the manager work together on a daily basis to manage the distribution of our products to Subdued branches, stores and e-commerce customers. Managing the supply workflows of goods, ensuring the optimization of storage and respecting the timing and deadline of the collections, is the bread and butter of our warehouse employees and the Supply Chain Manager who coordinates them. If you are full of dynamism and have excellent problem solving skills, this is the area for you.

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IT department

Our developers coordinated by the IT Manager are the beating heart of the department, the glue of Subdued. This is a team that works in close collaboration with all business departments, by connecting them and acting as a strategic support for the overall success of the company. Our IT department employees love challenges and teamwork, and have an excellent ability to find effective solutions in a short time. If you recognize yourself in all these skills and you are an innovative and dynamic person, apply now!

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Although Subdued offices are divided into three main headquarters distributed throughout Italy, the various departments of administration, general affairs, human resources and secretariat work together to pursue the corporate goals, always keeping the brand mission in mind. Each new project is analyzed and developed by the various departments, that evaluate its feasibility, before it to be approved. For this work we require professional and responsible people, able to put themselves to the test and make a difference.

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Production and Style

Creativity, flair and genius are the foundations of our Style and Production Department. The team of stylists and Cool Hunters collaborate to discover and study new styles, anticipate trends and keep Subdued's style alive. We take great care of every product we create, from the design to the choice of fabrics, untill the packaging. Nothing is left to chance. If you are a fashion designer or a trends hunter, a seamstress or a pattern maker, you love fashion and fully embrace Subdued's style, you will find your dream job in our Style and Production Department.

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Marketing and Comunication

The Marketing Department is essential to understand the needs and preferences of our customers. Through analysis and market research it selects the most suitable packaging, chooses the best pricing strategies and distribution channels, in order to create value around the company and Subdued brand. Our Marketing Managers, work together with our Communication Department, in order to plan effective communication strategies and carry out campaigns to promote the company's image, in accordance with the company's vision and mission.

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Customer care

At Subdued we take care of our customers, we like to understand how they relate to the brand to be able to offer them a personalized shopping experience and have a clear and complete view of our customers' world. Our Business Optimization Engineers together with Product Analysts are responsible for collecting and analyzing data relating to sales processes and coming from the various distribution channels. This makes our sales network more efficient, but also empowers our relational and information potential, deriving from direct contact with our customers.

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